That’s a Wrap! January 2017 & a Reading Goals Check-In

February 1, 2017 Angela Wrap Up

January Wrap Up

I started off 2017 with a bang! I enjoyed some really great reads and made pretty good progress with keeping my 2017 Reading Goals. More on that in a minute. Here’s a list of books reviewed on this blog in January. A few of these were read before January.


I know some of you are wondering how I’m doing with my 2017 Reading Goals, so I thought I’d do a little check-in.

  • DNF without guilt.
    Check! Check! I DNF’d one book last month: an ARC of Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino. An ARC and a DNF is unheard of for me. I think I should get a double check for this one. I just wasn’t feeling it. I still love Renee though. My policy is I don’t rate books that I don’t finish, and reviews won’t appear on the blog. If I have any brief thoughts to share, I post them on Goodreads.
  • Have more variety.
    Okay, so I need to work on this one. I didn’t read any mysteries, Young Adult, or romantic suspense. There’s always February!
  • Give new authors a chance.
    Check! Sierra Simone is a new-to-me author. I read American Queen and loved it hard. I can’t wait to read American Prince.
  • Go on an ARC diet.
    Sort of. I generally read more than six ARCs a month—most of which are through a PR company and not the author or publisher. That means tougher deadlines and more work. I read six ARCs in January, two of which were a duet, and one of which was through the author. In fairness, though, I signed up for all of these back in 2016 before I set my goals so you should cut me some slack. I did manage to fit in a lot of pleasure reads!
  • Meet or exceed my Goodreads Reading Challenge.
    Looking good. As of today, I’ve read 14 books this year. That’s six books ahead of schedule. Some of the reviews have not been posted on the blog yet.


2017 Challenge January Update


How are you doing with your goals?



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