My Month of Rejuvenation ♥ That’s a Wrap! April 2017

May 7, 2017 Angela Wrap Up

April Wrap-Up

Blogging is a great hobby. It is satisfying to recommend books that readers might not discover otherwise. It is also a special privilege to be entrusted with an advanced copy of a book to review. I appreciate the opportunity to offer potential readers a reason to look forward to a book’s release. However, at times if feels like a stressful, unpaid job—complete with deadlines, behind the scenes logistics, and unrealistic expectations of myself. It’s the reason I came up with my list of 2017 Reading Goals. Despite my good intentions, I was beginning to feel burned out.

I said no to book review tours for the entire month of April. I read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and I blogged when I felt like blogging. I did read a couple ARCs that had no deadlines attached just because I wanted to. My TV and I got reacquainted, and I spent more time with family and friends. April rejuvenated me. I had time to check off some books that had been on my TBR pile for a long time, and I discovered some great older books in the process! Here’s a list of books reviewed on the blog in April, as well as an update of my reading goals. As a reminder, you can always find my recent recommendations on the sidebar.

Reading Goals: April Update
  • DNF without guilt.
    I had one DNF book and—wait for it—it was an ARC! *gasp* I don’t post DNF books on the blog, so if you’re ever curious about all the books I’ve read, check out my Goodreads shelf.
  • Have more variety.
    I read Thankless in Death by J.D. Robb. It’s a mystery/romantic suspense book from a fantastic series.
  • Give new authors a chance.
    Katy Evans and Kennedy Ryan are both new-to-me authors. I fell in love with Kennedy’s writing! I’ll be stalking her for any upcoming.
  • Go on an ARC diet.
    As discussed, I had no review tours which meant no reading or reviewing on a set schedule.
  • Meet or exceed my Goodreads Reading Challenge.
    I’m up to 41 books read so far this year. That makes seven books ahead of schedule. You can track my progress on the sidebar.


I am ready to face May with a renewed love of reading, and loads of new releases to look forward to!



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