Review ♥ One With You by Sylvia Day

January 26, 2017 Angela Erotica, Reviews, Romance

Review ♥ One With You by Sylvia DayOne with You by Sylvia Day
Series: Crossfire #5
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on April 5th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Pages: 464

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Gideon Cross. Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I've ever done. It happened instantly. Completely. Irrevocably.

Marrying him was a dream come true. Staying married to him is the fight of my life. Love transforms. Ours is both a refuge from the storm and the most violent of tempests. Two damaged souls entwined as one.

We have bared our deepest, ugliest secrets to one another. Gideon is the mirror that reflects all my flaws ... and all the beauty I couldn't see. He has given me everything. Now, I must prove I can be the rock, the shelter for him that he is for me. Together, we could stand against those who work so viciously to come between us.

But our greatest battle may lie within the very vows that give us strength. Committing to love was only the beginning. Fighting for it will either set us free ... or break us apart.

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One With You is the fifth and final book in the Crossfire series, and frankly I’m surprised I enjoyed it so much. Let’s just say I was less than pleased with the previous book, Captivated by You. The series seemed to be going downhill fast. Then Sylvia Day made us wait for-freaking-ever for this last installment which really irritated me. There was about a year and a half between the release of Captivated by You and this book. That’s a long-ass time! I have the world’s crappiest memory. I have a hard time remembering the details of books I read last month, let alone over a year ago. Yeah, so I was prepared for a rather mediocre conclusion to a story I barely recalled. Quelle surprise! I liked it.

Sylvia Day provides the perfect amount of exposition to help the reader remember key events without getting bogged down with too many details. Eva was annoying as hell in the previous book, behaving like a spoiled teenager prone to temper tantrums. Gideon seemed like a victim of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, acting like a whiny, powerless pussy. I couldn’t recognize him at all and what’s more I didn’t like him.

I’m happy to say that Gideon has his mojo back. He and Eva have finally matured into a healthy couple—gasp. Manipulations and game playing are a thing of the past between them. This book focuses on them strengthening their marriage while making preparations for their vow renewal ceremony in front of family and friends. There are many obstacles (i.e., drama) and twists that keep the plot moving and captured my interest throughout.

I do wish some of the loose ends regarding Cary’s story and Corinne were tied up. Otherwise, I think this is a fitting conclusion to the series, and there’s nothing else that needs to be added to Eva and Gideon’s story. I truly hope Ms. Day doesn’t decide to produce a sixth book. As the Beatles sing, let it be.

Recommended for fans of:
Billionaire romance stories
Lots of drama
Power couples
Lengthy series




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