Review ♥ Sexual Awakenings The Complete Set by Angelica Chase

January 23, 2016 Angela Erotica, Reviews

Review ♥ Sexual Awakenings The Complete Set by Angelica ChaseSexual Awakenings The Complete Set by Angelica Chase
Published by Self-Published on March 10th 2015
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 250


One's man's trash is another man's treasure.

I sacrificed years of my life on a cheating husband.
A man that did not want me and I was done being ignored.
Done being forgotten about and lied to.

But I had a thirst inside me, one I ignored for years, and it was time to satisfy it. Time to get what I wanted.

I gave myself one year to explore my sexuality - to delve into my deepest, darkest desires.

I never expected to fall in love with the only man who calmed my world.
A man who both tortured and soothed my senses.

Completely drawn in by a man I wasn't supposed to fall for, reality threatened my fantasy at every turn.

But nothing worth having comes easily.

There are two things I’ve come to expect from an Angelica Chase book: major plot twists and smoking hot sex. This series has both those things – on steroids. Sexual Awakenings is comprised of four novellas: The Waltz, The Tango, The Last Dance, and Curtains.

After years of being ignored by her cheating husband, Violet’s finally had it. She decides she’s gone without sex long enough and gives herself a year to explore her sexuality. It will basically be a year-long no-holds-barred f*ck fest that she will indulge in without any self recrimination. I’m all for sisters doing it for themselves, and I applauded her determination to finally find pleasure. However, Violet meets Rhys and then goes from being a lonely housewife to an unrepressed nympho in a nanosecond. It’s a bit unrealistic but I went with it, and overall I’m glad I did.

Sexual Awakenings teaser

On a scale from one to ten, the steam factor in this series is a twenty. Rhys and Violet have hot, wonderfully filthy sex constantly. It’s almost too much sex though, even for an erotic romance. Too much sex?! I know, I know. There’s no such thing, right? It’s just that the storyline is really strong, and at times the frequency of sex scenes detracts from it. I kind of grew tired of the phrases, “thick cock,” and “pretty pink pussy.” That said, I stand by my belief that there’s an art to writing a convincing and appealing sex scene, and Angelica Chase excels at it. This is an erotica lover’s wet dream.

I loved Violet and Rhys together, and I enjoyed their chemistry as well as the progression of their relationship. Violet is nobody’s pushover, and Rhys is incredibly likeable. Violet’s mother is a real shining star in the story.

The series seemed to get better and stronger with each subsequent book. There are so many startling revelations that I did not see coming at all. I’m glad I had all four novellas bundled into one collection because otherwise the cliffhangers would have killed me! The plot is intriguing and remarkably addictive. I recommend this one.


Recommended for fans of:
Scorching hot sex scenes
Plot twists
Light BDSM
Girl power




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