Suite 269 by Christine Zolendz

November 23, 2015 Angela Erotica, Reviews

Suite 269 by Christine ZolendzSuite 269 by Christine Zolendz
on October 2nd, 2015
Genres: Erotica


Leave your inhibitions at the door and make your fantasies come true.

Three weeks.
No rules.
Any fantasy.
Anything goes.

Lexa Novak would like nothing better than to let go and finally experience it all, so when the opportunity arises to just do that, she can't refuse—won't refuse.
But what happens when your fantasies become your realities?
Find out when you enter Suite 269.

This was a fun, quick and dirty little read. Lexa is a fact-checker for a fledgling magazine. Three weeks before her wedding, Lexa walks in on her co-worker, Sophie, riding the bologna pony with her fiancé—aka Trager the Mailroom Guy. Jameson Holt is the editor of the magazine and Sophie’s boyfriend—evidently, it’s one big incestuous playground over at InTrend Magazine.

When Lexa and Jameson get together to commiserate, she confides that Trager blames his infidelity on her sexual repression. However, Lexa confides that their sex life has been lukewarm at best, and she longs to be more sexually adventurous. Jameson is more than happy to lend her a hand, or a cock as the case may be – ahem. Although the wedding is off, the honeymoon has been paid for, so Jameson offers to accompany Lexa on her three-week non-honeymoon. He tells Lexa to make a list of all her sexual fantasies, and he will make them come true. No judgment, no rules, and at the end of the trip they will return to their separate lives. It sounds like the perfect plan, as long as neither get too attached.

Lexie is adorably neurotic, and her inner monologues are hilarious. As you can imagine, Jameson is a freak in the sheets, and the club, and the beach, and the cab, and the… well, you get the picture. Holy moly is this hot! There’s a side plot involving saving the magazine, but let’s call a spade a spade. This is smut. Entertaining smut, but smut nonetheless.

I recommend this book if you’re in the mood for a humorous guilty pleasure.




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