Review & Giveaway ♥ The Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec

December 14, 2015 Angela Reviews, Romantic Comedy

Review & Giveaway ♥ The Stocking Was Hung by Tara SivecThe Stocking Was Hung by Tara Sivec
Published by Self-Published on November 29th 2015
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 131


What happens when your life goes to crap the week of Christmas? You invite a hot Marine you met in an airport bar to come home with you for the holidays, to distract your crazy family from the truth.

With a handsy aunt, a meddling mother and a father concerned for the wellbeing of his daughter's eggnog, there's no chance Sam and Noel will have time to fall in love...or will they?

**The Stocking Was Hung is a full-length, standalone Christmas novel that will make you laugh, make you HOT and maybe even make you say, "Awwwww" a few times.

If you’ve read my reviews, you know I’m a little stingy with my 5 stars. I don’t hand out 5 star reviews like Tic Tacs, so I’m still trying to justify giving 5 stars to this fluffy 131-page Rom Com. All I know is that in the midst of hectic Christmas preparations, I thoroughly enjoyed Tara Sivec’s well written, whimsical holiday love story from beginning to end.

I loved Sam and Noel’s whirlwind romance cloaked in their boyfriend-girlfriend façade. You know that InstaLove that we readers find so implausible? Sam and Noel are skeptics too, and are the first to voice the absurdity of their emotions. You can’t deny they’re perfectly suited for each other though. They both need a little nurturing, some laughter, and a lot of good lovin’ in their lives. Tara Sivec delivers playfulness one minute followed by heavy steam the next.

Noel’s hilarious family has a one-way first class ticket to Crazy Town. Her handsy Aunt Bobbie, cock-blocking dad, wedding hungry mom, and bullying brother help elevate what could be an average formulaic plot into a special treat.

The Stocking Was Hung has the perfect balance of nostalgia, laugh out loud humor, and sexiness. Yes, at times it’s over the top which would normally make me take off a half star, but it’s a Christmas fairytale of sorts. I was willing to buy into the fantasy and overlook the absurdity, but it might not be your thing. As for me, reading this book will be a new holiday tradition.

Recommended for fans of:
A Christmas Story
Romantic Comedy
Holiday traditions
Creative wrapping


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